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The Success Probabilities of Psychic Betting in Gambling

While you might find it hard to believe, people with psychic abilities do predict betting outcomes in gambling. It involves the use of some paranormal powers that can’t be explained in simple terms. It is not unusual to come across tales of people accurately predicting lottery outcomes.

There are books you can read about psychic betting success in games. A lot of research is also said to have been done in this field. Scientific labs and governments have supposedly invested a lot of resources in the process.

The Stargate Project

There is, of course, one instance of a detailed study on this subject. Known as Stargate Project, the study was done by the United States Army in late 1970s. The intention was to determine if psychic abilities were real and could be applied. However, it ended in an abrupt way in the 1990s owing to lack of substantial information.

Despite this unfortunate end, the study did provide some good insights. The data collected during the study pointed out the effectiveness of psychic powers in some situations. A similar study was done by the UK government at the beginning of the 21st century. It also had similar outcomes. The overall conclusion was that instances of accurate prediction was quite low.

The prediction of Paul

You might’ve heard about Paul, the psychic octopus. It became immensely popular globally after it made accurate predictions of the 2010 world cup matches. The octopus also predicted correctly that Spain would win the FIFA World Cup. Out of 14 world cup matches, Paul the Octopus predicted 12 accurately, resulting in an 85 percent accuracy rate.

Paul the Octopus was presented with clear plastic boxes. One of them carried the flag of one team and the other of another team. Each of these boxes contained food. The octopus obviously had to open one of the boxes first and eat the food.

So, the country represented by the box that the octopus opened first was the match’s predicted winner. Most researchers were amazed by the accuracy in Paul’s predictions. This points to the fact that other living creatures might have psychic abilities as well.

Concluding thoughts

Although you’ll find several anecdotal evidence supporting psychic betting, many scientists approach it with skepticism. It’s still quite hard to say for certain that people with psychic abilities can use them for betting. Some experts in the field claim that their abilities can’t be used for personal gains.

This is some sort of moral responsibility that many psychics take pretty seriously. However, there are some who have claimed that they helped their clients win big with psychic betting. This is undoubtedly a highly sensitive subject. It can be abused easily by scammers operating with the intention of making some quick money. There are many such scammers in the world who pose as psychic betting experts.

One question that all of us need to ask is that why they’re not using their abilities for themselves. It is unclear whether psychic betting truly works. Regardless of whether it works or not, it’s important to remember that gambling is a game of chance.

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